A recovery session

A recovery session

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This week my U14 trained 90 mins. on Monday and played a physical demanding match Wednesday (70 mins.). Therefore I decided to do a recovery session yesterday, because we have a match again already on Saturday.

I think that set pieces are a good way to do a recovery session and I chose corner kick as the main theme. The intensity is low/medium and focus is only on the tactical part.

Our session yesterday was reduced from 90 mins. to 60 mins. 15/16 players available.

15 mins.
2v2+1N with each team defending a cone goal on their back line. Max 2. touches and scoring only from the opponents half. Pitch was a 10x10m square (focus on finding the free player and find space).

45 mins.
Here we practised 1 of our 3 attacking corner kick combinations for 25 min. First unopposed and then with defenders trying to clear the ball.

For the last 20 mins. we practised our defending corner kick. Again first unopposed and then with attackers trying to score. The defenders must try to clear the ball and/or develop our counter strategy.

After the session we did stretching and talked about the session.

All my players tried this type of training for the first time and they loved it.

Q: How do you coaches do a recovery session and why?

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