DBU (Danish Football Association) – DBU Pro license instructor Lasse O. Christensen:

Daniel has worked hard to implement qualified targeted training. This has been achieved, and Daniel shows he masters the planning, organization and implementation of a well-qualified training, which has fine correlation between the choice of topics, exercises and playing style. He manages with relevant stop and precise instructions to maintain the key points of the training, with fine development of the team as a result.
Daniel is curious, always searching for new knowledge and communicate it to colleagues in the group. He shows great insight into the game, and relates very inquisitive and would like to be challenged on knowledge. Daniel has shown strong commitment to the group.
Daniel has excellent analytical skills and demonstrated the ability to transfer them to the training.
Daniel has a fantastic drive, he is very structured, and has a great eye for details. He has developed the ability to prioritize what is important and not important. This has helped Daniel to stay more calm and secure in his training. He is very responsive, and is very open to advice and guidance to develop as a coach at the highest level.


Palle R. Pilgaard – Product Manager at DK Company:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Daniel trough his work as a youth coach at Kolding FC U-14, where he was head coach for 16 young skillful players including my son. I know Daniel as very professional and pleasant person, who is very dedicated to his work.
Daniel has developed weekly training whit lots of challenges and innovation, which has motivated and developed the individual players a lot.
Daniel is also very skillful in the direct communication with the boys where he really understands how to motivate and to get the full potential out in each player. I can highly recommend Daniels work


Bo Barklin – Controller at Louis Poulsen

Daniel has been a football coach for my son’s elite football team, which plays in the U14 ranking M2.
Daniel has had an exceptionally good grip on the 16 boys in the squad, where he has had to deal with first, the football aspects but also social issues surrounding some of the boys.
Daniel is the most well-prepared coach in the whole club (according to informed sources) and he has in a short time reached 100% trust and respect from the boys’ side. From parent page, the same – there’s just everything under control and the boys have evolved very much over the past year.

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